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In the third quarter of 2022, we launch a modernized, redesigned and equipped with additional safety systems another MEGA FORT model. The vehicle is dedicated mainly to the construction, mining and infrastructure industries. While designing the new generation of halfpipes, we have put much emphasis on improving safety, increasing comfort and simplifying the way of use. The name of the vehicle has also been simplified – the successor of the MEGA Fort 4 is simply MEGA FORT. JUST Fort!

MEGA FORT (fort in French – strong, powerful) is the next generation of a durable steel tipper semi-trailer. The walls of the MEGA FORT box are made of high-strength steel S 700, while the floor is made of hardox steel HB 450 (SSAB). The side walls made of one sheet of steel and the use of wedge-shaped edges allowed to obtain an extremely durable and at the same time “slender” structure.

In assembly, we use components dedicated to vehicles operating in harsh conditions (in difficult terrain, under heavy loads, intensively used, etc.).We use components from global brands such as: Hyva, and Binotto for actuatora, Knorr – Bremse, Wabco, and Haldex for braking systems, SAF and JOST for axles and suspensions, or ASPOK for lighting systems. The vehicles are fitted with premium tires (MICHELIN, DUNLOP, BRIDGESTONE). This significantly improves the comfort of use and significantly extends the service life of vehicles.

The MF semitrailer is equipped with axles with SAF disc brakes and tires with off-road tread as standard. It is also possible to use axles with drum brakes and an electrically or manually operated Camaro sliding roof.

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Client’s opinion


"Reliability and low curb weight of vehicles are paramount in a transport company. In the past, we used to buy MEGAs because of the price and faults happened. Currently, we buy MEGAs because the faults do not happen. They are completely different vehicles. The availability of spare parts and appropriate dimensions are also important - MEGA has them."
Co-owner of a transport company from the south-west Poland


Usable length: from 7,70 m  | Cubage:  28 m 3


  • walls - 4 mm - high-strength steel
  • floor - 5 mm - HB 450 wear-resistant steel, Hadrox type
  • light steel frame made of MC 700 structural steel
  • half pipe box
  • sloped front wall
  • box-mounted balcony


Design safety aspects as standard:

  • wider fulcrum - improves stability during unloading / loading the ability to operate the roof tarpaulin from the ground
  • new design of the rear closure (new hooks, double hinge, new sealing)
  • the possibility of optimal load distribution by extending the field between the tarpaulin crossbeams) + optional movable tarpaulin aluminum bumper


  • automatic deflating of the suspension during unloading - improves the stability and rigidity of the structure during operation
  • additional maneuvering lighting - lighting the area when reversing and / or loading / unloading,
  • during operation possibility of using a shortcover cylinder - improving the stability of the tipping system a more stable working platform (balcony) - improving user safety
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